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Consultancy and Experience

Having tuned in to professionals' requierements for over 160 years, Taffe SA is now established as both a partner and a consultant for insuring your shipped goods and your ship hull and machinery.
We take out insurance with major companies on French, European and International markets on behalf of our customers.

  • Insurance for all types of shipped goods
  • Marine hull insurance
  • Insurance for yachts
  • Professional civil liability insurance
  • Legal assistance and legal action

Our strong points:

  • Over 160 years experience
  • Attractive prices and good response
  • Insurance for your shipped goods from start to finish by sea, by air, by river, by train and by road.
  • A "legal defence and action" department to optimise the prevention and management of claims and minimise the financial consequences
  • A member of ASSUREX GLOBAL the worldwide insurance broker network.


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Our partners

Gestap - Insurance and Heritage Management

Directory of CESAM's average agents  Worldwide network
Directory of CESAM's average agents Worldwide network

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